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In late November and early December, 2014 I travelled to the coffee-growing region of Sidamo, Ethiopia as part of a team that was documenting the WaterWise Coffee project ( which was cleaning up the Kolla River.
Many people are unaware that each pound of coffee takes about 50 gallons of river water to produce.
Coffee is picked from the tree encased in a 'cherry', which is split to extract the coffee bean.
The cherry is discarded in the rivers and then decomposes and ferments which gives off toxins into the water.
This is the same water that is used for drinking, cooking, washing and feeding livestock. The kids are especially sensitive and get tons of skin infections etc.
The WaterWise project works with local NGOs and wet mill operators to implement sustainable techniques that mitigate the impact of coffee production, while improving yield and product quality.
This is done through the use of composting and natural water filtration using Vetiver grass wetlands planted at the wet mills.
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